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Public Speaking

This Is My Brave NYC 2018 Highlight Reel

Zak introduces his song "I Am Me" by speaking about avoidance of the terms "mental illness" and "bipolar disorder."

Zak's speech appears during the 0:28 — 0:50 minute mark.

Zak Wins the 2018 NAMI New York State Young Leader Award

Zak's acceptance speech and live performance of his song,

"I Am Me" at the NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness)

New York State Conference.

Manic Manifestos Monologue

Zak's monologue on writing a manifesto while inside a manic episode. Presented at the 2018 NAMI New York State Conference.

Zak on Creativity and Bipolar

Zak presenting at the 2017 NAMI New York State Conference, on a panel called 'Using Creativity to Advance Recovery’"

Zak Speaks on "Beyond Clarity" Podcast!

Zak was part of Tiffany Werhner's and Kirk Miller's podcast, "Beyond Clarity" in November. Zak's segment starts at 33:23 (-19:20). 

"Hysteria Radio: On Writing and Mental Health"

Zak on Hysteria Radio Podcast, hosted by Joseph Fusaro, speaking about mental health and writing.

"This is Actually Happening: What if You Had Bipolar?"

Zak on This Is Actually Happening podcast episode 85.

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