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The following are reviews and comments from people who have worked with Zak in the past.


Zak is a phenomenal accompanist and vocal coach! He has musically directed several shows I have done and continues to help me with audition material. He is a kind and patient teacher as well. If you are considering Zak for a vocal coach look no further, he's wonderful! 
-Lauren Williams



Zak Sandler is an incredible piano player and music director, but his uniqueness is that he has as much command of the room as he does the piano. He's the best there is: both as musician and leader. 

-Marshall Pailet



Finding Zak has been one of the best things that’s happened to me since moving to New York and beginning my career as an actor. As a singing and vocal coach, he is supportive and insightful, and he brings tremendous musical skill wherever he goes. Soon after we began working together I began to feel a difference walking into auditions. I felt more ownership over my work and confident as I approached new material. He is the perfect person to work with if you want to become a true singing actor.

-Jackson Moran


Zak Sandler is a very talented and inventive musician. I've enjoyed my collaborations with him and I hope we work together again soon!

-Michael Mitnick

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