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Original works


Welcome to what's inside Zak's head. From the piano, Zak narrates his experience with a serious mental condition as it progresses from out-of-control and chaotic, to in-control and harmonious, while he strives to navigate his relationships and his writing career. Joining Zak is a group of actors who play younger Zak, his exes, and the parts of his brain that come out during his mental episodes.

Two women, three men

Approx 1h 15m



Based on Jeanne DuPrau's dystopian young adult novel, "The City of Ember". Ember, unbeknownst to its residents, is a city underground. The sky is always black, food is running out, and the generator which produces all the electricity is failing, threatening to cast the city into eternal darkness. But young Lina and Doon have other ideas. With time, technology, and the Mayor set against them, they race to find a solution and lead their city out of darkness.


Four women (two adults, two teens), four men (two adults, two teens)

Approx 2h



A song cycle about why we sing the National Anthem, based on American war stories from real letters throughout American history. Each song contains one lyric from the National Anthem, and these weave together in the end to form the complete Anthem – a collection of American experiences that make up the fabric of the nation.


Two women, two men

Approx 1h 10m

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